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Uncover the groundbreaking technologies emerging in our region. The visionaries who conceived, developed, and successfully implemented these ideas have created solutions and treatments addressing some of the world's most complex problems.
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Our Impact

It is detrimental for our nation to concentrate investment in entrepreneurship and research commercialization in traditional venture capital hubs. While these hubs continue to thrive, there is vast underinvestment elsewhere in the country, including our region.

Since 2007 we have championed innovative founders, researchers, and inventors far away from traditional startup hubs. After funding 90 companies since formation, weathering the great financial crisis and the pandemic, we see growing momentum in our portfolio and pipeline. 

The essential ingredient to translate these assets into high growth technology companies is concept-stage seed investment and follow-on early stage capital. We bring this capital in partnership with like minded co-investors to fund otherwise overlooked founders and unlock world class innovations from billions in region research spending.

We are excited by the impact of our investments and we see a growing pipeline of new opportunities emerging from the network we have built over the years.
First-time founders
Technologies from research institutions & universities
Institutional co-investors

First-Time Founders

The vast majority of our investments are with first time founders, a reflection of a first generation startup economy. This means that every part of the startup experience is new, from raising capital to building a team. We surround first time founders with a network of services and support while giving them room to learn and grow as leaders. We are now seeing successful founders start second companies and also helping first time founders with advice and encouragement.
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Research-Based Startups

Institutions in our region represent a great untapped opportunity for commercialization and scale. We partner early with institutions and universities to help identify and advance novel ideas and launch new companies. We are transparent and collaborative in developing a capitalization-to-exit framework for each opportunity that aligns our interests. Our team brings domain and market expertise that is valued by a growing list of academic and research organizations.
OUR Story

An Experiment Gone Right

Since launching our investment platform in 2007, CincyTech has been the primary catalyst for startup growth in our region. Sparked by the shared vision of the Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber, Cincinnati Children's Hospital, and the University of Cincinnati, we were formed to address a critical market gap: the scarcity of early-stage, high-risk capital to fund high-reward startups. Whatever skepticism existed, we ignored.

From 2007 to 2015 we launched three pre-seed micro funds to uncover promising, venture-worthy technologies within our region, launch and support them from concept to validation, and attract co-investment from beyond the region to scale the best companies. In 2016 we launched our first seed fund to capitalize the best companies from a growing pipeline of opportunities. We continue to see consistent co-investment and growing portfolio value.
Today we have a 15+ year track record with multiple funds and specialized vehicles under our belt. The continued support of our founding institutions and the Ohio Third Frontier have been essential to our progress. We have also developed a large network of investors who support our funds and our companies with their capital.
“We started as a public private partnership and are an example of an experiment that’s gone right - successfully addressing a market failure.”
- M. Venerable, Partner
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A Letter from CincyTech’s Founders

We were created by our founders to address a market failure in our region - the lack of high-risk capital focused on investing in early disruptive innovations. Hear from our founders about the spark that ignited what became CincyTech.
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"A lot of what CincyTech focuses on is how you build a strong company that will thrive and succeed.  It's not only a financial conversation, but more of a business building conversation."
Larry Kavanagh
CEO & Co-Founder, Navistone
"CincyTech helps you connect with the investors that may fit your model, and they are transparent in the process. It builds trust in the investment community, and entrepreneurs like myself. That's extremely important."
John Bostick
CEO, Hive Networks
"CincyTech got involved early when we were in ideation mode. They have been a consistent partner supporting our business and our people. The team uniquely understands the challenges in building something new - a level of sophistication that's helped us."
Peeyush Shrivastava
CEO & Co-Founder, Genetesis
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