Hive Networks’ Simple Premise: Everyone Plays Together, ‘Help People Get Better Faster

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March 2, 2021
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I asked CEO John Bostick to explain Hive Networks to me as if I am a 7-year-old. He obliged.

When we were 7, he told me, we played well together in the sandbox. Then, as we grew older, we played less well. In fact, some of us forgot how to play together at all. Cincinnati-based Hive Networks seeks to change that by increasing the speed at which improvements in treatment and care of chronic illnesses can be developed through shared learning technology.

CINCYTECH TALKS: Byron McCauley interviews CEO John Bostick

In other words, “we want to help people get better, faster,” Bostick said.

Hive was founded in 2019, driven by technology originally developed at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center. The premise is simple in theory, but can be difficult to implement: health outcomes are more successful through collaboration.

The platform leverages social and organizational science, improvement science, and data science to enable equal and complementary collaboration. The approach enables patients to be active stakeholders, with an opportunity to work with co-collaborators in the movement to own the outcome.

Notably, Hive has announced a multi-year partnership with ImproveCareNow, a collaborative community seeking to improve the health and care of children and youth with Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis – collectively known as Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD). The collaborative will use Hive’s technology to add capacity to its health learning network, helping to improve the quality of life for children who suffer from IBD.

Learn about what Bostick calls Hive’s “Mars Shot.”  

Byron McCauley is senior marketing manager for Cincinnati-based CincyTech, which supports and champions tech and life science start-ups through seed-state investments and entrepreneurial guidance.

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