Dave Hutten

“I love working with smart people — collaborating with experts in a given field and bringing together unexpected perspectives to solve challenging problems.”
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Dave Hutten is an Executive-in-Residence working directly with portfolio companies to lend his experience in digital health, digital advertising, and content production. He also works closely with the investment team on the development and diligence of companies in the investment pipeline.

“I continue to be fascinated by how people accept an experience with the healthcare system that is decades behind what technology has enabled in all other aspects of our lives. There’s just so much opportunity and room for improvement.”

The experience that Dave has gained along an atypical and ever-evolving career path continues to serve him well. After graduating from music school, he moved to Los Angeles to launch a West Coast office for a Chicago-based music company. In this role, he created music for large advertisers with the results featured during high-profile events such as the Super Bowl and the Oscars.

Expanding his skill set to include video production, Dave founded Sequel Media, a boutique production company focused on creating content for healthcare and life science clients. His role as producer led him to New York City where he ultimately worked as an Executive Producer at a WPP digital agency.

With a greater interest and focus on healthcare, Dave took the opportunity to join digital health startup, Hugo Health, as employee number one where he worked as part of the leadership team to build a platform focused on helping people aggregate their health data and enable research participation.

“Prioritizing the interface layer and a good design are crucial aspects to any successful solution - across the board, but especially in healthcare.”

Dave loves spending time with his wife, three children, and four dogs. If he’s not involved in a project around the house, he’s likely listening to a podcast or watching a new documentary.

“I’m a builder at my core.  If I’m building a new feature, a product, a team, a company - or even an addition to my house, I’m happy.”

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