Mike Venerable

“Our world is being continuously reinvented by remarkable people with crazy good ideas. It is a privilege to partner with them.”
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Mike Venerable is an Advisor at CincyTech supporting CincyTech’s portfolio of investments. He brings his own entrepreneurial experience and more than 17 years of seed investment experience to CincyTech’s mission. Mike is a strong advocate for activating the potential of regional entrepreneurs, inventors, and research.

Mike joined CincyTech in late 2006 as a consultant, working with founding CEO Bob Coy to build a regional seed fund and fill a critical capital gap for local startups and research spinouts. Mike become CEO, President, and Partner in 2017 through December 2023, where he worked collaboratively with the CincyTech investment team to seed and scale world-class companies.

“In a decade we will live in a world completely reimagined by advances in science and AI-driven digital reinvention of human experiences. It is critical that this wave of innovation and growth is distributed beyond traditional centers of venture capital.”

Before joining CincyTech, Mike had a career in software with a focus on analytic data systems. Mike’s background includes co-founding Talus, specializing in the design of analytic systems in a variety of industries. The company was acquired by Sagent, a venture-backed software company that later went public. He has led investments in several digital and digital health companies, including Astronomer, Airway, and AssureRx, which was acquired by Myriad Genetics (NASDAQ: MYGN) in 2016.

Mike serves on the boards of TeamCentral, Losant, Clarigent Health, Eyas, IncludeHealth, and HIVE Networks.

“I have gone through the Internet bubble, the financial crisis, and the pandemic (plus all that came after) while working in startup/venture roles. There is no normal venture market, and just staying in the game is often the most important element of success.”

Investment is not something Mike expected to do when he moved back to the Cincinnati region in 2004. It was a sliding door moment of meeting the right person at the right time. He met Bob Coy, CincyTech’s first President, in 2006 and agreed to help advise companies in the first seed fund. The time passes quickly - 17 years later - and the challenges are infinite. Mike is especially excited about the next generation of leaders at CincyTech who will define its future.

“I have watched almost 100 companies form and strive for success. The complexity of that struggle is something I didn’t understand in my Gumpian journey as a founder. I have incredible admiration for those who start the journey, regardless of the outcome.”

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