Sarah Douglas

“I’m compelled by the founders who never give up, those that exhibit boundless determination and are consumed by their innovation.”
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Sarah Douglas is a Director on the CincyTech team where she sources and leads diligence on new investment opportunities while managing financing and exit transactions.  She’s overseen more than 100 financings across the CincyTech portfolio.  Sarah also works closely to maintain relationships with our research institution and university partners and to discern projects aligned with CincyTech's investment strategy.

“I am fascinated to see science from a researcher’s lab develop into a company with commercial products that will drastically change patients’ lives. This is what makes me excited about my work - to be able to seed those technologies and join their journeys.” 

Sarah started her professional career at Cambridge Associates where she was promoted to a team lead responsible for a team of analysts. She worked with large institutional investors to analyze their investment portfolio performance and found that this was where her interest first piqued in venture capital which brought her to CincyTech in 2018.

Sarah is a board observer for Peerro and Beanstalk and has also been a part of VentureNext, a professional peer group of over 270 rising venture capital investors from across the country, since 2020. She started at VentureNext leading the deal flow committee and monthly investor-only deal flow calls and has transitioned to a board role and Co-Chair of the Executive Committee.

Sarah holds Bachelor’s degrees in Finance and Marketing from the University of Kentucky.  She enjoys the outdoors with her husband, traveling to national parks as a way to explore the world.

“I enjoy digging into the layers of complexity around each technology, and trying to boil the complex to the simple to help our companies tell a story.”

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