NaviStone — Helping Brands Break Through the Noise

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February 20, 2024
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Consumers today are bombarded with thousands of digital ads and hundreds of emails each day. NaviStone helps brands break through the noise by converting bits and bytes from the digital world into tangible marketing with ink and paper — customized direct mail postcards.

NaviStone is able to model browsing behavior to identify likely customers through retargeting and look-a-like prospecting. The ability to leverage this digital intent data enables brands to provide unique and timely one-to-one customer experiences via direct mail that have proven effective in converting known as well as unknown website visitors into customers. This novel approach focuses on intent and is more predictive than traditional methods that rely solely on past purchase behavior that becomes less indicative over time as it ages.  NaviStone has shown to generate 5% response rates, far higher than other digital channels.

NaviStone’s commitment to consumer privacy is a core building block of their business.  Consumers welcome relevant advertising about the products and services they are interested in, provided it’s done in a way that does not compromise their privacy.  That’s why NaviStone has designed a marketing technology platform that protects consumer privacy while helping brands deliver the most relevant advertising that consumers have become accustomed to.

CincyTech Partner, Doug Groh recounts, “It was our belief that in order to reach its potential, Navistone needed more capital and needed to move more quickly than a bootstrapped approach would have allowed. Our collaboration with the seasoned NaviStone founding team in developing the business plan from day one — and ultimately CincyTech’s ability to provide seed capital and remain an engaged board member — are examples of how we like to work with founders to unlock their potential.  Nothing is more rewarding than that.”

While the NaviStone team began this journey with a deep understanding of their market space, it is impressive that the team continues to take in new information and sharpen their understanding of how their product can impact different industries and verticals.  NaviStone is located in Cincinnati.

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