New R2[x] Wave 2 Survey: Ohioans Aligned On What Will Give Them Confidence To Return

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April 17, 2020
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Days after the release of our initial Return-2-X survey, we are excited to share insights from our second R2[X] cohort. This new nationwide poll was conducted in partnership with ACUPOLL between April 10- 13. It shows more than half of Americans have been personally impacted by at least one of the following: workplace closing (31%), layoffs (32%) or reduced work hours (40%). This finding illuminates the challenge we face to return to community and economic health.

New to R2[X] Wave 2 is an Ohio subset. Ohioans have experienced impact from workplace disruption at a rate that is similar to the nation.  As our state and region prepare for a soft economic restart on May 1, some key findings include:

  • Ohioans are aligned on what measures will give them confidence to return to normal activities.
  • Ohioans are less intensely worried than the rest of the nation about catching COVID-19.
  • Ohioans are more confident in guidance from their state and local governments than are residents of other states.

You can read the full report by clicking on the cover below:


We launched R2[X] as an effort to identify risks and opportunities for our portfolio companies, and to inform our investment strategy in this unprecedented time. We are sharing it in the hope our broader community might benefit from these insights.

Said Cincinnati USA Chamber CEO Jill Meyer, who chairs the CincyTech Board, “Our region’s return to community and economic health will require an intentional and thoughtful approach.  The R2[X] surveys offer insights and data points that are highly relevant to our work to restart the regional economy while prioritizing the health and well-being of our residents.”

This is a Cincinnati-region initiative in origin and execution. It builds on regional expertise in insights and leverages our great Universities and partners to accelerate our recovery from this difficult challenge.

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